lead’s club

Why a Lead’s Club? In the early days of tango, leads developed, executed, and mastered the technique of the dance long before they ever danced with follows. We aim to borrow from this tradition by offering the Lead’s Club – a relaxed environment where leads can come and learn from one another ways to improve their tango skill. (Click HERE for our current COVID policy)

What we hope you get from this experience?
– Greater camaraderie with other leads in the Cincinnati community
– A fun and traditional approach to learning tango
– A stress-free environment
– A desire to experiment and play
– Greater love and respect for the dance

What we will do in the Lead’s Club?
– We’ll exchange tango technique
– We’ll develop practical strategies to improve our skill
– We’ll enjoy the occasional spirited beverage
– We’ll tap the collective strengths of the group
– We’ll strive to be the best leads we can be.

How will the Lead’s Club be different from a class, practica, or a workshop?
– The Lead’s Club will be reserved, of course, for leads.
It’s free
– There’s no designated teacher
– Activities are chosen by the collective
– Experimentation and mistakes are encouraged