T A N G O   F U N D A M E N T A L S  1  (FRIDAYS – 8 weeks)
Jan. 17 –  March 6 | 7:00 PM  | $10/class – $80/series

In this series we will introduce beginners to the basic elements of Argentine tango dance, culture & music. Emphasis is placed on giving new students content they can use on the dance floor. No partner or experience required.
Instructors: Monica & Tom  ~ Questions?

T A N G O   F U N D A M E N T A L S  2  (MONDAYS – 8 weeks)
Jan. 13  –  March 2  | 7:30 PM  | $10/class – $80/series
In this series we will review FUNdamentals 1 skills, introduce varied exits from the cross, ocho combinations, ocho cortado, and simple turns to both sides of the embrace.   Students must have completed Tango FUNdamentals 1 or have comparable experience. No partner required.
Instructors: Tony & Barb  ~  Questions?

T A N G O  T O P I C S  (THURSDAYS – 8 weeks)
Jan. 16 – March 5  |  7:30 PM  |  $10/class – $80/series
This series is for our more experienced dancers, and will introduce more advanced dance figures as well as providing an opportunity for dancers to explore turns, sacadas, barridas, etc. in greater depth.  Students must have prior tango experience and be proficient in crossed feet.  No partner required.
Instructors:  Ella & Jake  ~ Questions?