Tango del Barrio instructors & board members


Lynne Schmitt, Director
I started dancing Argentine Tango in advance of attending a destination wedding Buenos Aires in 2009. I currently dance as much as possible and serve as the Board Director for Tango del Barrio. As Director, I work to help Tango del Barrio provide a home for people to learn and dance tango by providing class instruction and social events (Milongas and Practicas) in a way that builds interest and skills in a growing and vibrant Cincinnati tango community so that we support personal growth and a feeling of inclusiveness and energy for dancers at all levels.

Jud Kilgore
I was introduced to Argentine Tango after meeting my wife Bilge, who was an avid dancer. With two left feet and no rhythm, I attempted tango on and off for several years while living in Izmir, Turkey, but found a home on the comfy couches of Tango del Barrio when we moved back to the U.S. After several years of couch-dwelling, I decided I might as well learn to dance if I was going to spend a good portion of my life at tango events. I am now addicted, and tango has become one of the most rewarding aspects of my life.

Barb Macke
About 7 years ago my husband & I decided to take advantage of a Tango del Barrio groupon and learn to dance. We discovered a welcoming community, wonderful teachers, and a great way to keep active. I help to teach the beginner class and my husband enjoys being an occasional DJ.

Ella Moskovich

Ella Moskovich
In 1999 a group of friends and I decided to take a tango class together. I danced for awhile, stopped for a few years and in 2004 returned to tango with a vengeance. It became a passion and a lifestyle. I teach with Jake, my dance and life partner, serve on the board of Tango del Barrio, and cohost the 1st Saturday, Entre Tango y Tango milonga.


Jake MoskovichJake Moskovich
My involvement with tango started with the music, which I remember hearing at home since childhood. I started dancing in 1999, stopped for awhile and resumed in 2004, dancing continually into the present. Around 2009 I began teaching with Ella, my dance and life partner. Around the same time we joined the board of Tango del Barrio. In addition to teaching, which I really enjoy, Ella and I host a 1st Saturday Entre Tango y Tango milonga where I also DJ.


Charles (Chuck) Reder
Sometime in the late 20th century, I stumbled into Argentine tango along with a group of similarly unwitting middle-aged pilgrims. For the next year, I wandered aimlessly into the dark and arcane world of this mysterious dance. Then, out of the east came my talented learning and subsequently teaching partner, Debby. Along with and apart from her, I studied with many tango legends, some of whom no longer dance in this dimension. I love to share my passion with other extant and somewhat sentient beings.

Anthony (Tony) Seta
I have been dancing tango since 2002. I was introduced to Argentine Tango through a friend from the salsa community and a good tango movie. I dance for enjoyment in the context of practicing and continually improving on Tango fundamentals and protocols. I am the Treasurer for Tango del Barrio and an Instructor for Level I classes.