TdB Survey Results

Our thanks to all those who took our survey.  Your thoughtful and valuable input will help us to decide how and when to restart tango at Tango del Barrio. Below is a summary of the survey results, with a representative sample of comments.

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31%     now
11%     when others will come
33%     later when data indicates; when rules & guidelines enforced
15%     when vaccine/treatment/antibody
7%     other

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Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.00.46 PMSample ideas: “Have a diy hand sanitizer and face mask class” – “You might offer special classes for couples who live together and have taken TdB classes together.  Social distancing would be manageable.  Couples would stay together for the entire session” – “Studio rental times for practice” – “I don’t believe they will be safe”


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Many used this open-ended question to express how much they miss dancing and Tango del Barrio, to send good wishes, and to express their personal feelings about restarting. To preserve anonymity as promised we feel it is best not to share these specific responses.