tango puentes/summer classes


Summer bridge classes to refine & enhance your basic tango technique

Dates: June 11 & 25, July 9 & 23, August 6 & 20
(Every other Monday beginning June 11th)
Time: 7:30 – 9 PM, 9 – 9:30 practica
Where: Tango del Barrio, 6110 Hamilton Avenue
Cost: $10/class
Instructors: Marty & Jessica

Whether you have just discovered Tango or are an experienced Tango dancer there is always a benefit to refinement of the basic skills of Tango, and general dance technique. These workshops/classes will facilitate a deepening of understanding of basic technique, to enhance the dancing & overall enjoyment for self and partner. Workshop/classes can be taken as a series or individually. They are bridges to connect basic technique to better dancing and better connection to our partners. Topics will include:

Using the floor & your core: Discovering the often ignored connection of balance, core strength and use of the floor in order to facilitate efficiency in movement, and ability to find and define on and off axis.

Moving with your center: A clarification of what it means to “move from the center”, facilitation of engaging the core and discovering the spine, to support efficiency, intention and grace while enhancing control of the axis, for leading and following.

How to walk like a tango dancer: A basic course highlighting common factors that disturb balance, connection, and reaction time.  Emphasis on how to identify & reduce these problems, while deepening understanding of collection and projection of weight, foot use and posture, leading to greater enjoyment of the dance for you and your partner.

Managing the embrace: How to ensure function without sacrificing comfort: A basic course for leads and follows using the salon, open, and the milonguero embrace.  Strategies presented will help dancers better monitor and adjust the embrace.

The cruzada: the beauty of leading and following it. A review of several versions of what is arguably the most well known figure in Argentine tango, the cross. The philosophy guiding this instruction is that the cross is a led figure.  Instruction will emphasize versions of the cross for both parallel and cross-systems, as well as a deconstruction and reconstruction of the 8-count basic into a simpler pattern.

Milonga made simple: A course in the fundamentals of leading and following milonga. Emphasis on differentiating technique from tango and vals, floor craft, musicality & strategies for “slowing down” the music.

Women who lead and the men who follow them: A basic course in leading and following for women and men who want to better understand the perspective of their traditional role counterpart. Switching roles will enhance technique for dancing overall.

NOTE: Please bring flat, flexible/soft soled shoes, or gym socks as well as your usual dancing shoes.  

FOR THESE CLASSES, YOU CAN PRE-REGISTER HERE OR DROP-IN; TOPICS WILL BE TAILORED TO ATTENDEES. (Pre-registration helps us plan for class size & gender balance.)