oliver kolker & victoria lim

COMING TO Tango del Barrio AUGUST 4TH – AUGUST 6TH, 2017…
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OLIVER KOLKER is an accomplished Argentine tango instructor and performer who has worked and studied with some of the most venerated tango dancers. His goal is to teach tango the way he was taught: with passion, knowledge, care and TRUTH.

He was raised in Argentina and eventually became obsessed with tango. In Buenos Aires, he learned in such famous venues as La Viruta (also known as La Estrella), and Sunderland in Villa Urquiza. It was his good fortune to study with Horacio Godoy, Luis Solanas, Osvaldo Zotto, Roberto Herrera, Graciela Gonzalez, Carlos Copello and Carlitos Perez.
Oliver has taught and performed in different schools around Buenos Aires, including as Executive Director of Mora Godoy’s school. He and Mora created the ensemble company ”Tango Emocion” which toured all over Europe. He also co-founded the tango school in Mendoza at “Aquirre”’. In competition at the World Tango Championships, Oliver has placed 6th in Salon and reached the finals in Stage.

Since a move to NYC in 2005, Oliver has taught and performed around the country. He toured with Carlos Copello, and from 2008-2010 served as head instructor at Stepping Out Studios in Manhattan, in 2011, he moved to Chicago to develop Artango Chicago Dance Center. He currently participates in workshops and festivals all around the world.

VICTORIA LIM started dancing Argentine Tango in Dallas, Texas and recognized as organizer and DJ in the community. She has evolved as a dancer and teacher in a community that is visional and open minded about the dance and brings the same qualities to her teaching. Victoria is known for her graceful yet dynamic style and unique musicality. Over the years, Victoria immersed herself in the world of Argentine tango and continued to hone her techniques in the various tango styles – salon, milonguero, Nuevo and stage. She embraces the beauty of each style and recommends her students to find the styles that they enjoy the most.

Victoria studies tango with world renowned masters. She studied extensively with Chicho Frumboli. Among other masters who have influenced her dancing and teaching include Juana Sepulveda, Maria Ines Bogado, Guille Barrionuevo, Mariela Sametband, Fernando Gracia, Sol Cerquides, and Los Veliz.

 In her teaching Victoria focuses on the simple mechanics of movement while emphasizing the importance of precision in technique and maintaining solid connection with your partner and the music. She channels on two main elements: creating an organic, natural embrace for leaders and followers, and musicality.