Maja & Marko workshop schedule

F R I D A Y, November 15
7:15 pm | WALKING & TURNING (all levels)
Improve your walking skills & explore using the walk to turn in small spaces. In this class we will also explore walking and turning in both systems.

S A T U R D A Y, November 16
11:30 – noon | Registration and warm-up.
noon – 1:15 pm |  THE CROSS AND THE AXIS (All levels)
The cross is one of the most basic elements in tango. We will explore different exits from the cross by controlling the axis. This will not only improve our improvisation skills but will also give us more possibilities in navigating a crowded floor.
1:30 pm – 2:45 pm | PARTNER TECHNIQUE-ROLLING CLOSE EMBRACE (interm/adv)
We will explore the freedom of movement in close embrace, focusing primarily on leading & following a pivot. We will introduce the concept of rolling embrace and work on it through a series of exercises (alone & with a partner). We will finish the lesson with back ochos and paradas in close embrace.
In this lesson we will show you one of our favorite figures and explain the idea of a smooth circular movement in close embrace – giving you the possibility to add some vertical change of dynamics to your dance. We will also spice it up with different entries, exits and embellishments.

S A T U R D A Y  N I G H T, November 16
9 pm – 12:30am
| $15/person at the door (cash or check only, no advance purchase)
Milonga with performance by Maja & Marko

S U N D A Y, November 17
11:30 – noon | Registration and warm-up
noon – 1:15 pm | GIROS AND SACADAS IN CLOSE EMBRACE (interm/adv)
Learn how to make smooth and fluent giros and sacadas without opening the embrace. We will also revise the technique of the giro.
1:30 pm – 2:45 pm | REBOUNDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS (advanced)
If you feel there are parts of songs where you are constantly missing ideas for a perfect interpretation, this is the lesson for you. We will start with small rebounds and connect them into playful repetitive sequences. This will challenge both leaders & followers.
3:00 pm  |  MEET & GREET with Maja and Marko
Join us for an opportunity to chat with Maja and Marko and enjoy some pizza & beer provided by Tango del Barrio. A great way to celebrate the end of their weekend workshop!

Full Weekend Pass – 6 classes (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $160
Saturday/Sunday Pass – 5 classes $140
Any Individual Class (may purchase multiples) – $30

(20% discount for full-time students with ID-please pay at the door)

Please note:
The Saturday Milonga is charged separately!

PAYMENT: For non-advance purchases, please pay at the door prior to class.
Cash or check accepted (no credit cards at the door).
Contact Ella Moskovich at
LOCATION: All events at Tango del Barrio studio, 6110 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, 45224