class descriptions

Our FUNdamentals classes are designed to be fun, and to get new students on the dance floor as soon as possible. Emphasis is on basic tango technique and steps that are frequently used in the dance. We will learn parallel-system walking, how to lead and follow with a partner (using different types of embrace), and how to execute some simple turns, rock steps, and ochos (pivots). We will also learn about the “cross” – a very standard tango movement and explore some tango musicality. Skills progress each week. No partner or experience required.

Tango Level II
In this series students will be introduced to the crossed foot system and will continue working on ochos, simple turns and more while paying particular attention to the proper technique of performing these elements in a dance with a partner. Must have completed Tango FUNdamentals or have comparable experience. Skills progress each week. No partner required.

Tango Topics
Tango Topics will introduce more advanced dance figures and will provide an opportunity for more advanced dancers to explore turns, sacadas, barridas, etc. in greater depth. These classes are for more experienced dancers, providing an excellent opportunity for those who have completed FUNdamentals & Level II and experienced dancers to meet, learn and improve together.