class descriptions

FUNdamentals I
Fundamentals classes are designed to introduce the basic elements common for beginners of Argentine tango in order to get new students ‘on the dance floor’ sooner with more content. Emphasis is on those elements that are frequently used in the dance. Technique instruction will be present, but is more heavily emphasized in the Tango Puentes (bridge) classes offered as a continuing complement to the FUNdamentals classes. Fundamentals I topics include: parallel-system walking, walking with a partner (practice, open and salon embrace), boxstep, rockstep, cruzada (8-count basic), front pivot, front ochos, and learning musicality for tango, vals, and milonga.

FUNdamentals II
This 4-class series begins with a review of FUNdamentals 1 content, and introduces back ochos, simple turns (giros), cross-system walking, cruzada from cross-system, plus more on musicality.

Tango Elements I
In this 5-class series students will be introduced to and continue working on ochos, simple turns and more while paying particular attention to the proper technique of performing these elements in a dance with a partner.

Tango Elements II
Tango Elements II will introduce more advanced dance figures. In addition to those who completed Tango Elements I, this series of 5 classes will provide an opportunity for more advanced dancers to explore turns, sacadas, barridas, etc. in greater depth. These classes are for those who complete Tango Elements I AS WELL AS for more experienced dancers, providing an excellent opportunity for newer and experienced dancers to meet, learn and improve together.

Tango Puentes (Bridge) Classes
In addition to FUNdamentals I and II where the focus is on learning specific dance elements (e.g., boxstep), Tango Puentes (bridge) classes emphasize basic tango technique regarding posture, core engagement, breathing, moving with intention, etc. These classes are highly encouraged for FUNdamentals I and II students AND anyone else who wants to improve their tango technique.  Additional emphasis will be on: projecting, collecting, moving with one’s center, using the floor, achieving and maintaining balance, managing embrace, maintaining a constant level while moving, learning to listen to one’s partner, differentiating tango, vals, and milonga, and improvisation.